Metal detection system for conveyor applications

Application Profile
  • detects all magentic and non-magnetic metals
Inspection of
  • piece goods (incl. packed goods)
Material flow
  • belt conveyors

  • Compact metal detection system for the inspection of piece goods

  • Outstanding ease of integration due to shortest length

  • Stable and reliable inline metal detection due to extremely short metal-free zone (MZ)

  • Complies with IFS and HACCP

  • Quick and easy cleaning of the complete system

Product description
ECOLINE-D is a metal detector system with a conveyor belt that is used to inspect dry piece goods, either packed or unpacked. The GLS coil technology with an extremely short metal-free zone allows the system to be used with very short belt lengths. The belt can be changed in less than a minute (quick change system).  

  • Highest scanning sensitivity

  • Sturdy design

  • Belt quick-change system

  • Wiring complying with hygiene requirements

  • Optimal cost-performance ratio

  • Short delivery time