Metal detection system with heavy-duty conveyor belt for the inspection of whole logs

Application Profile
  • detects all magentic and non-magnetic metals
Inspection of
  • piece goods (incl. packed goods)
Material flow
  • belt conveyors
Product description
The LICON-HX metal detection system comprises the LIGNUM-HX
tunnel metal detector and a heavy-duty conveyor belt.

LICON-HX detects driven in nails, shell splinters, cramps, projectiles, broken hooks, or grown in broken chain links.

LICON-HX is integrated in the conveyor line between log feeder
and saw line.

The metal detector features outputs for controlling marker systems,
separating units and cut-off saws depending on the application needs. 

  • LICON-HX is a cost effective complete solution: tunnel metal detector + heavy-duty conveyor belt

  • Minimum metal-free zone due to S+S "RZ technology", reducing total length and facilitating integration into existing systems

  • Components are specifically designed and developed for the requirements of the sawmill industry