Overband magnet (permanent-magnetic)
Application Profile
  • separates all magnetic metal
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
Material flow
  • belt conveyors
Separates ferromagnetic parts
from bulk materials
Safety guards at both sides prevent
personal injuries and damage of the
discharge belt
Complete system solution incl.
motor "plug & play"
Protection of shredders, hammer
mills and other equipment 
Product description
To protect crushers, hammer mills and other recycling machinery from damage caused by tramp iron parts the overband magnets are a often used separation equipment. For a thorough removal of ferrous contamination the magnet is placed above the flat or trough conveyor either across or inline. Overband magnets are self cleaning separation systems and can therefore
be used for continuous product flows. The magnetic pack is protected by a wear-resistant stainless steel cover. All OM are equipped with belt guards on both sides to prevent belt damage due to entrapment of steel between magnet and belt. Furthermore a electric drive and eye bolts are to be supplied. As a option S+S can also offer a control unit or hydraulic driven systems for mobile plants. 
The system is installed above the conveyor belt
The magnet component is protected by a wear resistant stainless steel cover
Separated ferrous particles are continuously removed by the recirculating belt
Powerful permanent magnet made of fully stabilised strontium ferrite magnet
Quick belt adjustment
Self-aligning belt run due to crowned pulleys
Discharge belt as standard driven by a shaft-mounted gear motor
Sturdy design