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Sesotec India Pvt Ltd Has Moved

Move Sesotec India

At the opening ceremony director Makarand Mandke presented  commemorative gifts to the guests of honour (left to right: Makarand Mandke, Sesotec; Stefan Leuze, VTC; Sujit Chaudhary, Reliance Industries; Philipp Freyschlag, VTC).

Sesotec India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Sesotec GmbH, a German manufacturer of metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems, magnet separators, and sorting systems. After more than nine years in the offices in Pune’s Sinhgad Road Shatrunjay Apartment, Sesotec moved the head office of its subsidiary to the Shivane industrial area. The new building is bigger and offers enough room for all the growing tasks. And there is not only more room now, but also a highly comfortable infrastructure and an ideal transport connection.


The new office with large technical lab and conference room is equipped with all the machines and systems Sesotec has in its portfolio and will allow Sesotec India to provide best service for their customers. Especially system demonstrations are an efficient way of presenting specific advantages to customers. Showing systems in operation and providing free tests contribute to a better understanding and help increase sales opportunities.


Move Sesotec India

Sesotec CEO Xaver Auer lighting the ceremonial Deepam lamp.

Opening ceremony in May 2016

The opening ceremony started with "ribbon cutting" and with the Indian Traditional ceremonial lighting of the Deepam lamp.


Philipp Freyschlag and Stefan Leuze, both representatives of the Sesotec owner VTC-Partners, and Xaver Auer, CEO of Sesotec GmbH, participated in the ceremonies.


Makarand Mandke, director of Sesotec India, Sujit Chaudhary of Reliance Industries, and all the employees of Sesotec India also attended the ceremonies.


In his speech Xaver Auer expressed his best wishes for the future growth of the company. Sujit Chaudhary of Reliance Industries encouraged investments of international companies in India. His motto is "Made in India", which would create jobs for many people.


Makarand Mandke welcomed the dignified guests and expressed his thanks for their attendance. In his speech he talked about the growth of the company since the year 2007 and about the potential for the future: "Sesotec India now has an excellent new office and a large technical lab that is equipped with all the technologies of Sesotec. We can all be proud of this. For our customers we will provide a positive service experience to our all customers."


Move Sesotec India

In a part of the new technical lab of Sesotec India metal detection systems and metal separators are available for presentation and demonstration purposes.

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