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Sesotec launches another world‘s first with new metal detector – INTUITY

Features: Highest detection performance and intuitive operation


Sesotec’s new metal detection technology release of INTUITY promises to set new standards in metal detection. With multi-variable-simultaneous-frequency technology, INTUITY delivers detection sensitivity that is up to 50 percent higher than in other systems on the market. INTUITY provides visual images of the product signal for intuitive use and optimum performance.


Since this metal detector operates with variable-multiple frequencies in parallel, highest product purity is ensured in demanding applications with a high product effect. The intuitive user interface allows the operator to ensure best performance with the easiest of operation.


Available from Sesotec on both Rapicon and Sanicon conveyor platforms, the INTUITY can inspect packaged and unpackaged products detecting the smallest metal particles in products, ensuring product purity with a clean sanitary design. INTUITY features elements common to the Sesotec range of RAYCON X-ray inspection systems making operation of both devices very similar.




The RAPICON metal detection system is equipped with the new Sesotec INTUITY metal detector. The also new design INTUITY CONTROL user interface is ergonomically positioned providing ease of operation. (Photo: Sesotec)

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