Metal separators can be integrated into horizontal, vertical or angled vacuum- and pressure-operated tubular conveyor systems. The modular design allows the separators to be adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

The metal separators in the GF 4000 series are used mainly for quality control. All system components are designed to meet the most exacting hygiene standards.
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Circular-aperture RZ tunnel metal detectors are used mainly in high-precision applications. The enclosed-aperture design ensures very high metal sensitivity throughout the tunnel area. RZ coil technology means that a metal-free zone is not required in the installation area.
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This high intensity magnetic separator is mainly designed to be installed into pneumatic conveying lines with air flow up to 25m/s. The PNEUMAG system will be of great interest to the food and pharmaceutical industries with products like flour, sugar, starch, pharmaceutical drugs and other powders and granulates.The special housing design allows the product to pass through the unit in both directions.
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The Sesotec Magnet Catalogue
The magnet catalogue provides a compact overview of all our magnets for efficient metal separation, their application possibilities, and their advantages and benefits. Order now your free personal copy!


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