Circular-aperture metal detectors are installed in tube conveyors, where they serve to reliably detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals in raw fiber material. By eliminating metal particles, the metal detectors protect equipment from damage, reduce production downtime and prevent sparking.

For the separation of ferrous contaminants, plate magnets are installed in a continuous material flow above conveyor lines, in free fall, under chutes and slides, etc.

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An inline chute magnet system for use with fibrous materials and materials that tend to bridge, which has proven effective with very high throughput rates and tubular pressure conveyor systems. Hinged stainless steel plates swing out for easy cleaning of the magnet blocks.
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The PROTEX R is an inline tunnel metal detector that is installed in vacuum or pressure conveyor lines to inspect raw wool or textile fibers for magnetic or non-magnetic metals. If metal is detected, a signal can be sent to the process controller or a shunt can be automatically activated to divert material to the reject unit.
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Permanent magnetic head rollers are designed to replace the drive roller at the discharge end of belt conveyors. This primary system removes coarse and medium-sized ferrous contaminants.

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The Sesotec Magnet Catalogue
The magnet catalogue provides a compact overview of all our magnets for efficient metal separation, their application possibilities, and their advantages and benefits. Order now your free personal copy!


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