Metal detectors and detection systems play an important role in quality control of packaged textile products such as clothing, diapers, tampons, cleaning cloths, feminine hygiene pads and cotton swabs. Once metal has been detected, contaminated product can be diverted using a product-specific separator device (e.g. shunt, pusher, air jets). These systems help to prevent injury to consumers, thus preventing loss of company reputation and avoiding damage claims.

A plate metal detector installed in bonded-type conveyor belt systems where the height of the product stream will not exceed 100 mm.
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Enclosed-aperture tunnel metal detector, installed in bonded-type conveyor belt systems for applications requiring higher scanning sensitivity.
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The RAYCON series is a product inspection system with an integrated conveyor belt that is used in wet or dry applications to inspect packed or unpacked piece goods. RAYCON allows accurate inline detection of foreign objects of magnetic or non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, PVC, rubber, etc., even in metallic or metal-coated packaging. It also identifies product defects such as broken, deformed or missing product.
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