Metal can become embedded in logs by many different means. Nails, hooks, shrapnel or chain remnants are just a few examples. Detecting metal fragments in logs prior to processing prevents costly damage to frame saws, cut-off saws and log milling machines.

The LICON-HX is a metal detection system with a heavy-duty conveyor belt for inspection of whole logs. The components are specially designed and built for the requirements of the sawmill industry. The metal detector features outputs for controlling marking and separating systems and cut-off saws. This system has a very short metal-free zone and very compact overall length thanks to S+S RZ coil technology.
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The LIGNUM-HX is a tunnel metal detector for inspection of whole logs. The extremely short metal-free zone means compact overall length. The stainless steel V2A housing provides extra corrosion protection and greater immunity to electromagnetic interference. The LIGNUM-HX is a stand-alone unit that is readily integrated into existing facilities.
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