By helping to ensure that wood products are free of impurities, metal detectors and separators play an important role in quality assurance.

An inline chute magnet system for use with fibrous materials and materials that tend to bridge, which has proven effective with very high throughput rates and tubular pressure conveyor systems. Hinged stainless steel plates swing out for easy cleaning of the magnet blocks.
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The RAPID DUAL metal separator removes metal with minimum loss of clean material. Effective protection of machinery and tools results in greater production safety. Downtime and equipment breakdowns are reduced.
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The RAPID VARIO-FS is a metal separator with product effect compensation that is installed at the cyclone outlet for freefall applications. Separate detection and separation units make it readily adaptable to many different configurations and conditions.
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Tubular inline magnetic separators are used in pipeline conveyors to thoroughly separate ferrous metals from bulk materials. The housing as well as the conical top of the magnetic core are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel (1.4301). There is sufficient clearance between the magnetic core and the housing to ensure free product flow, even when metal contaminants are adhering to the core.
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Inline magnet system for inspection of bulk goods that tend to bridge or cake. The rotating action of the magnetic rod matrix, driven by an electromotor, prevents blockages of the separator and ensures that the product remains in close contact with the magnets.
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This inline rod magnet system is used for freefall applications involving bulk goods that tend to bridge or cake. The rotating action of the magnetic rod matrix, driven by an electromotor, prevents blockages of the separator. Cleaning of the magnets is fully automatic, as the magnetic cores are pneumatically transported inside the stainless steel tubes to the cleaning zone.
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Permanent magnetic filter bars can be installed anywhere in the bulk material stream. The extremely high magnetic forces separate even weakly magnetized stainless steel particles from the product stream.
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Drum magnet system in which the position of the magnetic field can be adjusted to ensure optimal separation of contaminants and clean material.
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Drum magnet system in which the connector dimensions are customized to allow for easy integration into the customer's existing systems.
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The Sesotec Magnet Catalogue
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